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Top workplaces in the bay area are determined by efforts of the Bay Area News Group and WorkplaceDynamics LLC to reach out to employers with at least 40 employees and perform surveys to calculate how strongly the employees feel about their workplace. It is very easy to nominate your company as a top workplace.

Once companies are nominated, surveys completed and responses are validated, companies are divided into the groups by size. Then they are ranked within their group based solely on the employee responses to the survey statements. The top employers in each group are then selected as the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area.

Being a Top Workplace has several benefits not only for the community and profitability of the company, but also for the people who are part of the organization. Along with happy employees, increased profits and community support also comes from the free publicity and recognition from being included as a Top Workplace in the Bay Area. It only takes a moment to get the process started.

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