Senior Living

Showcasing SeSeniorLivnior Community Living compared to Assisted Living

Senior Community Living
Highlighting seniors who make a choice to move into
communities where they can enjoy their later years.
Pointing out what communities have to offer and
what makes them a great choice. Also touching on
the fact that these communities can have facilities/
services that allow seniors to move from community
living to assisted living.

Assisted Living
Highlighting the many amenities that assisted
living facilities can offer. Reinforcing that facilities
can offer benefits not only to the seniors and
their care, but also help families come to terms
about their decisions. Also focusing on assisted
financial help as well – ways to make assisted
living affordable.

Other topics may include:
• Healthy Aging (Healthy diet and food choices, Exercise benefits, Keeping the brain strong with mental workouts)
• Financial assistance for elderly
• Benefits and other senior services that are offered in our area