Bay Area Workplaces Example

Our Bay Area Workplaces section offers several different opportunities to maximize client exposure while providing an enjoyable reader experience. Display advertising, classified “help wanted” liners and tier two content leave the possibilities wide open when developing media coverage plans.


In this section we really like to highlight what is happening with the workforce. Weather highlighting specific companies from the Bay Area in a Company Spotlight, or publishing tweets from local companies looking for new hires we try to add interesting content around the many liner listings from companies that want to hire the best.

Advertising Opportunities:
Recruitment Display Advertising
Classified “Help Wanted” Listings
Tier 2 Content (content crafted with hyper-local interest and client branding)


Pub Day
Space Res
Copy Due
CR due
Final Release
Thu 5pm
Wed 5pm
Fri 10am
Fri 6pm